Custom cob using eight CREE cxb 3590's 630 actual watt,s Meanwell HLG driver's state of the art grow light(BEST OF THE BEST)ONE PROTO TYPE$700

$700.00 $1,600.00

This is the most state of the art led cob grow light made ,it has eight 137 watt rated Cree cxb 3590,s running at 80 watts apiece at full power has twoMeawell HLG 320h 36 b dimmable  driver's with two potentiometers that can dimm it within 10 percent of power,,has eight fan cooled active heatsinks for running at cool temps .combined with 100mm 60 or 80 degree magnifying lenses and can be run on 110 volt to 240 volts power..    Ask me quetions about this light as I can custom configure it to your specifications brian at hwy6644@aol,com or call or text me at 239-821-1117 $1500 as shown, three year warranty 

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