650 watt(530 watts actual) led full spectrum hybrid $850,bloom and veg lenses ,(bulbs included) FREE SHIPPING, two year warranty

$850.00 $850.00

My 336 x3 watt beast without bulbs $850 (upgrade to Cree cxb 3590,s on the corners for $1300 dollars) this is a all in one growing machine. This amazing led hybrid runs at only 530 actul watts of led power ,the chips are not over powered like most companies are, to make sure they give years of dependable service.. Twin e27 sockets for running CFL,S CMH ,INDUCTION OR XED XENON PLASMA SELF BALLAST BULBS ask my any questions about this or any of my lights ,,Brian at hwy6644@aol.com or call or text  239-821-1117... 

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